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Swarovski Crystal Peridot 3 Drop Earrings

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Swarovski Crystal Peridot 3 Drop Earrings

These unique shaped earrings will illuminate the colors in any outfit. With the dangle and drop style, these earrings will sway, catch light, and sparkle with every movement you make. These stylish crystal earrings are extremely versatile.  Wear them during the work day to dress up any business casual outfit or with that fancy dress you only wear on special occasions.

These sleek and sophisticated crystal earrings will shine and glimmer as you move, dance, or even work while being simple and classic.

•    Crystal Type: Swarovski
•    Crystal Size: 4 and 6mm
•    Metal: Silver
•    Length: Approx. 2” (50mm) including ear wire
•    Color: Green
•    Handmade

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