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Forest Jasper w/Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

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Forest Jasper w/Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This simple and modern forest jasper bracelet will add the perfect pop of swarovski crystal and green to any outfit. This 7” gemstone bracelet will hang gracefully from your wrist and let your natural arm structure stand out. Wear this beautiful bracelet with any dress that shows off your arm a little or compliments any other piece of green stones you may be wearing.

This unique bracelet is perfect for that simple and elegant woman in your life. Whether a present for your loving mother, supportive wife, or amazing best friend, this charming green bracelet will make the perfect gift to let her know you care.

•    Gemstone Type: Forest Jasper
•    Gemstone Size: 9mm
•    Metal: Silver
•    Length: Approx. 7” (different lengths available)
•    Color: Dark Green
•    Handmade

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